Elvis Crespo sings Suavemente…Salsa and merengue style choreography by Perekin Anton
La Bicicleta by Carlon Vives, Shakira and Marlon Alves. Dance MAs provides the choreography.
Vente Pa Ca by Ricky Martin. Kasia Gnich provides the Zumba Fitness Choreography.
Learn Bachatea Moves for Zumba teaches the dance steps for Bachatea. Perforct moves for Zumba.
Merengue Mix with dance moves by Cesar Molina
Learn the basic Zumba fitness workout steps in this full video. The Zumba Dance Workout For Beginners – Zumba dance workout.
Zumba Fitness – Cool Down – True colors – Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick sing “True Colors.”  
Cool Down Zumba Fitness. – Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick sing True Colors.  
Warm up – That’s What I Like – Flo Rida – Marlon Alves – Dance MAs.
Warm up with Katarzyna Cyunczyk and Crew.